Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Blue Skies All Week

I've always been a fan of dreary weather. I could see myself thriving in a Seattle suburb (which indeed has been reinforced by my current obsession with watching every season of "Grey's Anatomy" since the pilot.) 

When it's bright and shiny outside here in Sumter, SC, I almost feel mocked, because frankly, I'd rather be at the beach with that kind of sun and heat.

But for late May in South Carolina... This week has been beautiful so far! I'm used to unpredictable thunder showers and scalding heat at this point in the year, but right now... It's blissful.

The forecast for the next week and a half is consistent: sunny with sparse clouds, maybe 10% precipitation, and nothing above 90. I could enjoy that. :)

So in celebration of the blue skies ahead, I threw on my favorite blue hues from my closet. Every piece is courtesy of Forever 21.

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Tuesday, May 28, 2013

True Blue Pretty Earrings

Admittedly, green is my favorite color... But lately I've rekindled my love for blue. 

Royal blue is a definite must in my wardrobe. Cornflower blue signals the coming of summer skies. Turquoise makes me long for the beach.  And the more I start to think of all the blue shades I love, the more radiant the ombre of color emerges in my head. 

So in typical Katelyn fashion, I dolled myself up in blue, blue and more blue in order to show off the 3 sets of earrings I just bought at Forever 21.

Stay sparkly. :)

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Sunday, May 12, 2013

MAKEOVER: Pop Star Inspired

Yesterday, I had my first "big gig" as a makeup artist... A marathon boudoir shoot with ten models (TEN models!) to make over. 

This is Ashley, an actual friend of mine through the Air Force and one of our boudoir beauties. In the middle of her makeover, I suddenly realized just how much she looked like a green-eyed Britney Spears and ran with that idea...

She's clearly 'dorable all on her own. My only tasks were to even out her complexion and enhance her already rosy and pink features. So I went with a babe-caked smokey eye with a pop of lavender on her lids and a hot purple-pink lip. 

On her FACE...

I used CG Luxe airbrush makeup in 25 and 35 (for contouring.) I used Dream Lumi in Nude and Bare Minerals Well-Rested for highlighting, and The Balm Bahama Mama and Bare Minerals Warmth for extra contouring and bronzing. And I used Makeup Artist Network blush palette and chose a bright pink blush and used it lightly with a feathered brush.

On her EYES...

I used Bare Minerals Bahamas loose eyeshadow all over her lids. I used BH Cosmetics 3rd Edition eyeshadow palette (it has 120 colors!) with a deep antique purple in the crease, shimmering mustard green mixed with black around her lash lines and smoked it out and upward, then a pop of lavender right on her lid. Finished with a creamy black eyeliner (smudge!) and Bare Minerals mascara in blackest black.

On her LIPS...

I used all Makeup Artist Network products- lip liner in Hot Pink which I colored into her lips for a matte finish, and purple-pink mineral lip gloss in Crush.

And I was more than "Crushing" on this look after I finished! For a boudoir shoot, I just had to bring out her inner "innocent but you know she's a freak in the bedroom" sex kitten. I'd love to use her as a regular model, so don't be surprised if you see her starring in lots of posts to come!

Stay beautiful. :)

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Thursday, May 9, 2013

Hello, Beautiful!

I am Katelyn. :)

I'm a newborn baby beauty blogger and excited to start writing, tutorial-ing, and starting our journey together in the pursuit and enlightenment of beauty!

(This is me in makeup school! I'm learning how to create a fresh face.)

I'm still trying to figure everything out: What do I write about? I've got some ideas that I'll tell you, but feel free to give any requests. I can't wait for the comments. :)

I'm also new to YouTube and, more importantly, new to being in front of the camera myself! I'm still working up the nerve, honestly, but plan on making an "About Me" video very soon so you can get to know who I am.

Most of my tutorials will feature myself, teaching new makeup looks. However I would like to show as many as I can where I actually show my makeup artistry skills and makeover my models/friends/tutorial victims. This blog is not only a source for those who want to learn how to do their own makeup better, but I also intend to help and advise other makeup artists! We need to support each other... and learn how to get better together.

My little brother is coming to visit from California (I'm a South Carolinian) until Thursday, so we will be busy with family time so he can spend time with his niece, Julia (she's the most darling 18-month old ever, and you can be sure she'll be making cameos on my makeup tutorials! She's kind of a model and movie star.) So you won't be seeing new posts until the end of next week...

 here are some posts you can look forward to 
in the new month!

  • Highlighting, 3 Ways
  • Sunday Skin: Shave Scrub Sparkle
  • My New Obagi Skin Care Routine
  • Homemade Almond Avocado Face Mask
  • Homemade Brown Sugar Body Scrub
  • How To Tell if You're Cool-Toned or Warm-Toned (as well as Makeup for each tone and Fashion for each tone)
  • Best Smokey Eyeshadow Colors for Your Own Eye Color
  • Summer Favorites!
  • 8 Minute Every Day Makeup Tutorial
  • Makeup for the Gym Tutorial
  • "Fun in the Sun" Makeup Tutorial
  • "Geek Chick" Makeup Tutorial
  • "Flower Girl" Look
  • BH Cosmetics Line Review
  • CG Luxe Makeup Line Review

Monday, May 6, 2013

Punchy Bright Pink & Red Colorblock Lips

Color-blocking isn't just for fashion trends anymore. We’re seeing bold statements in this use of color in makeup now, and this bright pink and red combination makes for a punch-y look for summer time.

On the eyes, I used Bare Minerals loose eyeshadow in "Desire" all over lid, "Bare Naked" in the crease, and "Celestine" in the inner corners. I used MAC paint pot "Carbon" for the smokey around the lashes. Any cream-based black eyeliner and any black volumizing mascara will do!

On the face, I used CG Luxe Airbrush foundation in 25 and 35 for contouring. I also used The Balm Bahama Mama bronzer for extra contouring. I used Maybelline Dream Lumi in "Nude" and Bare Minerals "Well-Rested" for highlighting.

For the lips, any bright pink lip liner will do (for top lip!) and any bright red lip liner (for bottom lip!) I used Sephora Bite Lip Layers Luminous Creme Lipsticks in "Vidal" and "Pomegranate." 

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