Thursday, August 29, 2013

Gameday Glam: Garnet & Black Chevron Dress. Let's Go Cocks!

If you were slightly offended by the above phrase in my headline, please allow me to explain: I'm a South Carolinian, a Carolina Girl, a Gamecock. In my hometown of Columbia, SC, girls stroll around downtown in garnet and black during football season, in garments emblazoned with our USC gamecock mascot. We wear little shorts that simply say "Go Cocks!" on the back of them, and this is perfectly acceptable and appreciated, because in SC it's never a bad word. 

But the beauty of USC "Gameday Glamour" is the endless possibilities to design a killer ensemble using the classic tradition of garnet and black. I don't think we could've asked for a more sophisticated color palette for football fashion! It's rich and classy and rings in autumn so nicely... 

At the start of August, most die-hard USC girls start shopping around for that perfect gameday dress. Confession: I've never actually owned one before, until now! And in shopping for one, I wanted a dress with my favorite pattern- chevron.

I got this garnet and black chevron USC gameday dress by Mud from Garnet and Black Traditions.

(I also got the crystal Gamecocks emblem earrings from G&BT, as well as my daughter Julia's romper and bows... Scroll down to see!)

On the Eyes: Bare Minerals "Devotion" on lid, Bare Minerals "Night Owl" in crease, Bare Minerals "Celestine" on the inner corners, and MAC "Carbon" for the smokey.
On the Face: TheBalm Bahama Mama bronzer for contouring, Maybelline Bouncy Blush in "Pink Frosting," and Bare Minerals Clear Radiance for an all-over rosy glow.
On the Lips: MAC lip liner in "Beet" all over lips for a matte red.
On the Nails: I used L'Oreal Outlast Stay Brilliant polish in "Garnet." (Of course! It's gorgeous and glossy.) On the ring finger, I used a general matte black topped with a light coat of silver sparkle.

The ESPN quote above is very true. 
We Carolina Girls LOVE TO DOLL UP for the big game! 
Again, garnet and black go so nicely and naturally together already that creating your own signature fashion statement is not at all hard. In fact, putting together a gameday look is so much fun. :) So much in fact that I put together 3 looks that I liked when I really intended to just make 1. But as you get to know me you'll realize that I can never pick just one. 

garnet and black layered ruffled dress from college hautees
black bauble necklace by debenhams
koosie by miss cocky
crystal-studded heals by vince camuto
gamecocks crystal heart clasp bracelet by garnet and black traditions
nail decals by egamecocks

garnet and black gameday dress by topshop
red rhodolite garnet and black necklace by scarlettjewelry on etsy
black over the knee boots by closet envy
garnet and black diamond ring on amazon

garnet gameday tank by allyfashion
garnet and black stripe ballet flats on zulily
gamecocks beaded bracelet by handpicked
tumbler by miss cocky
gamecocks earrings by miss cocky

By the way, if you can't tell, I am tanner!

I don't lay in beds anymore; instead I get a nice spray tan once a month. I'd remained pale ever since I got to California though, because I didn't know anyone, and the first few places I called had outrageous prices.

Then, I found Maggie! She owns "Glow on the Go" Airbrush Tanning, and she gave me this gorgeous sun-kissed tan I now have. She's a ballerina from Argentina and probably one of the most beautiful women I've ever met, by the way... If you're in the northern Los Angeles area, please consider her! I intend to see her every month from now on.

Stay beautiful, my friends, and LET'S GO GAMECOCKS!

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Monday, August 26, 2013

Blue Nautical Meets Red Boho

Over the weekend, I got invited to take my little girl Julia to a pirate-themed birthday party! So my first thought was... What should I weaAARRRRR?! 

No, seriously, I thought- stripes. I thought blue. And then I thought, "Let me see how this cute red feather headband looks with this outfit..."

Ta da. :)

The entire ensemble is by Forever 21. 

I'm new to fashion lingo, so I'm not sure if my headband and beaded cuff bracelet are more tribal than bohemian... I actually think that the two "looks" have begun to overlap, so maybe either is appropriate. 

But nautical and boho were not the contrasting ideas here. I simply like a nice blue and red combination. (Navy and cherry red were actually my wedding colors!)

The golden dove necklace represented my little birdie sidekick... Don't pirates have those?

For my eye makeup, I used:
Maybelline Bad To the Bronze cream eyeshadow
Bare Minerals Queen Phyllis 
(for more on my love affair with this particular eyeshadow, click here)
Prestige liquid eyeliner in Azure
CG Luxe eyeshadow palette
(for the nude beige in the crease and bright turquoise at the bottom lash line)

(By the way... I'll be shooting a makeup line review for CG Luxe soon and can't wait to introduce you to my new favorites!)

...And here is yours truly at the pirate party, trying to bust open a treasure-chest pinata. I may swing that bat like a little weakling, but at least I looked kinda cute doing it!

Have a good week, dollfaces. :)

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Sunday, August 25, 2013

California Girl in Training...

My transition from Carolina Girl to California Girl has been slow and... decidedly stubborn.

Mostly because I've only resided in California since July 8th, so I feel like a bit of a tourist, but also because I still have so much garnet and black Gamecock love in my blood, as well as Baker's Sweets cravings, Applebee's nostalgia, and I really, really, REALLY miss a nice rainy day.

I'm told that California has the "ideal" weather, but on my first day here, I had to wear a hoodie over my cute sundress because I was chilly. No bueno! Carolina Girls wear tank tops, short shorts, dainty dresses and flip flops about 270 days out of the year. (If we didn't, we'd sweat to death, que es no bueno tambien.)

But I'm improvising by either sticking to my "mom uniform" of yoga pants and a hoodie most days, or I'm grinning against the cooler-than-I'm-used-to air when I feel like dolling up. I have a feeling that soon my inner body temperature will turn Californian and learn to love this pleasant "heat" we have.

So far, I've simply been exploring Vandenberg Air Force Base and getting to know my community, neighbors. I'm trying not to be such a homebody, though, and since my little brother Andrew lives in California as well, we took a little trip together. :)

Day Trip to Los Angeles... for the Bruno Mars Moonshine Jungle Tour concert at the Staples Center!!

(I'd highlighted my hair with copious blonde highlights and gotten some 14" Remy clip-in extensions before we left South Carolina... I felt that if I were a little more blonde-bombshell, I might fit in better! Plus, when I'm blonde I feel happy and sunny, and I'm told California is the place for happy, sunny people.)

On the drive down CA-1 from Vandenberg, we drove right along the coast for most of the way, and it was actually the first time I'd seen the beach since I'd gotten here. And beaches did I see... back to back to back! I'll always be partial to my SC beaches, but at least California has a serious variety!

Once we got to LA, my brother and I drove to the Hollywood Bowl where we saw Batman and Spiderman, Michael Jackson and, of course, a "Despicable Me" minion...

Again, I'm still on tourist status, and I had no idea these people in costume work for tips. Silly me! Bless their hearts...

After a nutritious pre-concert dinner of burgers, fries and milkshakes at Johnny Rockets, Andrew and I decided we couldn't leave LA without seeing Beverly Hills...

Just being next to that sign made me feel like somebody! Somebody who was holding up traffic next to who knows what movie star's house I'm sure, but still somebody with a huge smile on her face!

In typical Katelyn fashion, I brought a beauty bag with me with all my makeup and a change of clothes for the concert. I had to change in the bathroom of a downtown LA Walgreen's in under 10 minutes...

That's my adorable little bro up top. I clearly say "little" ironically...

And so the concert was AMAZING! Bruno Mars is superstar incarnate... I'll remember that concert for the rest of my life!

Since this day trip to LA, I have admittedly gone back to my hermit ways. Vandenberg AFB is it's own little bubble with everything you could really need, so it's been easy to be complacent. 

But there's just too much to see, do and embrace in California! 

So y'all help keep me encouraged to find my inner California Girl. :)

Always remember the makeup minions love you...

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Saturday, August 10, 2013

My Secret to Everyday Sparkle

Indeed, I have a love affair with anything Bare Minerals... 

Ever since my friend Courtney introduced me to the magic that is this makeup, I've been a steadfast fan. It's mostly what I use on my own pretty face, but I've also heavily sprinkled many Bare Minerals products into my professional makeup kit that I use on my clients.

I was adding to my collection of BM loose eyeshadow pigments in Courtney's boutique one day when I came across two shades that I now use EVERY SINGLE DAY.

May I introduce...
Celestine & Queen Phyllis. 

Of course you know that by "VS" I mean Victoria's Secret! And everyone knows that the number one eye makeup trick for those lovely angels is that little bit of sparkle in the corner of their eye...

Queen Phyllis is a radiant, sandy stardust color (not really a gold, so the word "stardust" is all I can use to describe it!) I like to use this with a warmer-toned look, and it works for both day-time or night-time.

Celestine is also a radiant (I mean, seriously, they both sparkle like the sun is shining through them) silvery, kind of periwinkle, not quite pewter... We'll call this one "moondust." I like to use this one with a cooler-toned look (it really helps a smokey eye pop!), and it also works for both day-time and night-time.

Just pat a little of your favorite onto the inner corners of your eyes, and...

Stay sparkley. :)

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