Saturday, August 10, 2013

My Secret to Everyday Sparkle

Indeed, I have a love affair with anything Bare Minerals... 

Ever since my friend Courtney introduced me to the magic that is this makeup, I've been a steadfast fan. It's mostly what I use on my own pretty face, but I've also heavily sprinkled many Bare Minerals products into my professional makeup kit that I use on my clients.

I was adding to my collection of BM loose eyeshadow pigments in Courtney's boutique one day when I came across two shades that I now use EVERY SINGLE DAY.

May I introduce...
Celestine & Queen Phyllis. 

Of course you know that by "VS" I mean Victoria's Secret! And everyone knows that the number one eye makeup trick for those lovely angels is that little bit of sparkle in the corner of their eye...

Queen Phyllis is a radiant, sandy stardust color (not really a gold, so the word "stardust" is all I can use to describe it!) I like to use this with a warmer-toned look, and it works for both day-time or night-time.

Celestine is also a radiant (I mean, seriously, they both sparkle like the sun is shining through them) silvery, kind of periwinkle, not quite pewter... We'll call this one "moondust." I like to use this one with a cooler-toned look (it really helps a smokey eye pop!), and it also works for both day-time and night-time.

Just pat a little of your favorite onto the inner corners of your eyes, and...

Stay sparkley. :)

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