Thursday, December 5, 2013

Pretty for No Reason

I'd like to go ahead and confess something.... 
I do NOT at all consider myself a beauty expert. 

Beautification is still something that mystifies me, and I'm in a constant evolutionary state of "pretty." 

I still have no idea how to fix my hair {what you see above is the help of some very nice Remy clip-in extensions; my own hair is shoulder-length and super duper baby fine.} I only started filling in my eyebrows less than a year ago, in spite of the fact that I barely even have eyebrows. I also learned how to highlight and contour earlier this year, in makeup school. {What was I doing before?? I have no idea...}

So I'm about as "green" as it comes as a makeup artist, though I enjoy learning and beautifying. Though unlike many other makeup artists I know who always look perfect... I feel I do a better job making over others than I do myself.

Here's another confession: I don't look like this most days!

Most days, I'm in what I call "mommy uniform:" yoga pants, hoodie, hair in a messy bun, no makeup on, not even a stitch. I kind of avoid mirrors most days. I'm sure many other stay-at-home-moms can relate to this! My daughter loves me no matter what I look like. Even my husband doesn't seem to care if he comes home from work and I'm still in my pjs. BUT... 

What's wrong with getting pretty for no reason other than to, well, feel pretty??

I do have some very feminist ideals, though I'm a woman who does believe in some gender roles; I see the benefit and goodness of being a little bit "Stepford wife" and, I dunno, wearing a cute dress and some red lipstick even if I'm just seeing the inside of my house all day.

 It's not that I feel that's my duty to my husband, but perhaps it can be a gift to him, to remind him of why he married an adorable woman with beauty she should play up more than once a week. More importantly, it's a gift to myself.

Don't we all just feel better when we're dolled up?

I use the excuse of being homebound all day with my 2-year-old, doing dishes and laundry and watching way too much "SpongeBob SquarePants," in order to wake up and not do a thing to make myself look presentable. I honestly fear the doorbell ringing, because if I were to answer, I might scare people off. {Right at this moment, honestly, I'm still in the same thing I wore since 7pm last night, glasses on, and my hair looks like Nick Nolte's mug shot. I can't even believe my husband is okay with that.}

I very often wish that I had a 9-5 so that I'd have a reason to get up and get dressed instead of lounging all day in house clothes. 

So, I aim to change my household attire to something more darling. I will wash the dishes with red nails, kiss my daughter with pink lips, play peek-a-boo with mascara-d eyes, and prance around in almost-solitude in a cute dress, just because I want to.

Why not get pretty for no reason? 

I have far too many dresses, accessories, lipstick colors not to. So with that said, I'm about to shower and make myself look something close to the picture above so that when my husband gets home, he'll have an even bigger smile when he sees me. 

I'd like to encourage all other stay-at-homes to give yourself a gift today and go get pretty for no reason. It'll make you feel better, I promise. :)


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